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Nishman | Silver | Cologne en Cream | Wax | Peel Off Mask | Zilver | Set van 3

Nishman | Silver | Cologne en Cream | Wax | Peel Off Mask | Zilver | Set van 3

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The NISHMAN After Shave Cream & Cologne is a must-have 2-in-1 product that should be included in every man's grooming kit. This product combines a special cream with an eau de cologne, which is quickly absorbed by the skin. It delivers a refreshing sensation, instantly relaxing and rejuvenating the skin due to its unique formulation featuring active natural ingredients that prevent inflammation, irritation, and redness. Developed to suit all skin types, this lightweight cream is easily absorbed, leaving the skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

The NISHMAN Aftershave Cream & Cologne 2-in-1 is formulated with allantoïn, a powerful hydrating ingredient known to soothe the skin, prevent itching and flaking. With this rich formula, the skin's defenses are strengthened, and its elasticity is improved, offering protection against razor irritation and keeping it moisturized. This special scent beautifully combines with the cream and cologne, creating a unique and sophisticated fragrance. Overall, this product is an excellent choice for men who want to care for their skin while enjoying a fresh and pleasant fragrance.

Product features:
• Reduces dry skin
• Suitable for all skin types
• Rich, creamy, and easily absorbed
• Provides dual-layer skin protection
• Guards against shaving irritation
• Shields from irritation and redness
• Revitalizes and hydrates the skin
• Long-lasting refreshing and soothing sensation
• Scent lasts for hours
• Contains Allantoin, which guards against skin irritation
• Keeps skin hydrated and protected all-day long
Our hair styling and coloring cream wax for both men and women offers a gray tint to your hair. Our Nishman C1 light gray cream wax simultaneously shapes and colors your hair, adding a mature and dynamic edge to your look.
This excellent product offers easy coloring and removal after washing, with strong hold without damaging the hair or leaving residue.

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